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I'm Marzena, passionate floral designer and Sogetsu Ikebana teacher. With a background in cultural studies and the history of art, I bring artistic perspective to my craft.

My experience in flower industry began over a decade ago and I gathered a lot of experience in all areas of floristry, including teaching, and held a number of positions in floral companies in London, last being a Creative Director at London Flower School.

My interest in working with the plant material lies in the processes of transformation: the way the flowers receive human-like qualities during arranging; the way they change their characteristics and gain new meaning after being combined with other elements or used for different occasions in different cultures; the way the flowers bud, blossom, wilt, dry or decay presenting new qualities at every stage of their life. 

All those processes offer moments of a breathtaking transient beauty, which I can’t stop chasing.

What can I do for you?

Bespoke floral design, big or small, for any momentous occasion.

Floral design consultation.

Floral workshop with any floristry item like: bouquet, arrangement, flower crown etc.

Sogetsu Ikebana class.

Sogetsu Ikebana demonstration.





Ikebana (‘arranging flowers’ or ‘making flowers alive’) is a Japanese art of flower arrangement. It is also known as kadō - ‘way of flowers’ and I like this way of explaining what Ikebana is: a process that allows one to learn the art, but also learn about oneself.


I started learning Sogetsu Ikebana in 2016 with the late Ikebana master, Mr Shiego Suga and continue to study with a Japanese Sogetsu Ikebana master, Mrs Ikuyo Morrison.

Currently I hold 3rd grade teacher lever diploma in Sogetsu Ikebana and I am a member of London Sogetsu Ikebana Branch and Sogetsu Teacher Association in Tokyo. 

I teach ongoing classes of Ikebana and a one-off Ikebana workshops to groups of students and on the one-to-one basis. I present technics and the art of Ikebana in demonstrations and I also create bespoke Ikebana arrangements.

For more details please get in touch.



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